Bath faucet


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Code 540035
Intended use Bath faucet
EAN 4779035273906
Warranty 5
Series Artis
Segment Extra
Connection 3/4
Finish Chrome plated
Debit l/m 11.5
Combining all necessary components of an ideal faucet – beauty, convenience and economy – series ARTIS is a bright applicant to have pride of place in your house.
  • 5-years warranty
  • After assembly all our faucets are being 100% tested
  • Durable and glossy surface on all our faucets. We use more durable coating for shine and long-term use of faucets, which is more resistant to scratches, dents, limescale, rust.
  • Aerator Eco Neoperl ensures long-lasting, quiet and flawless performance of the faucet.
  • High-quality brass with lowered content of harmful impurities is one of the most important component materials.
  • Faucets with the ANTI-NOISE system work silently and do not cause discomfort.
  • Air and water mixing technology ensures exceptional economy.
  • Save water and energy resources with our RubiSave cartridge. Having bought a faucet with the RubiSave cartridge, you can not only regulate the water consumption, but also the temperature and so reduce the consumption of water up to two time
  • Automatic diverter Neoperl with check-valve.
  • Faucet is supplied with 35 mm ceramic cartridge, ensuring longlasting and flawless performance of the faucet.
  • Aerator Neoperl® Honeycomb – ensures longlasting, quiet and flawless performance of the faucet.
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Package quantity 12
Weight Brutto (kg) 2.255
Weight Netto (kg) 1.92333
1 package length (m) 0.125
1 packaging depth (m) 0.23
The primary package width (m) 0.17
2 package weight (kg) 0.8
2 packaging capacity 0.0665
2 Packaging depth (m) 0.4
2 packaging length (m) 0.48
2 packaging width (m) 0.35
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